Gaming on the iPhone

Gaming on the iPhone

Most of us are gamers in one form or another. Some of us will be predisposed to the new fad type games available from the app store, whereas others will prefer the online casino. The requirements made of your phone’s hardware and software is very similar for all games. Here we’ll explore just how well the iPhone performs as a gaming device. Read more »

You Shoud Get Wordpress Hosting

You shoud get WordPress hosting

If you decide to have your own blog, you should go with WordPress hosting. Yes this will cost you a little bit of money but it is worth it. Hosting your own blog is exactly what a serious blogger should be doing. You want to make sure you find a good company to host your WordPress site. There are quite a few to choose from, as noted by Dmitry Nekrasov about WordPress Hosting. Make sure they do support WordPress blogs. Read more »

Getting algebra help online for help with mathematics homework

Getting algebra help online for help with mathematics homework

Last weekend, my son asked me to help him with his mathematics homework. Unfortunately, I had forgotten all of the mathematics that I ever learned in school, so I have to carry out a quick online search for “algebra help” using Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Within the search engine results, I found links to websites that were full of algebra tutorials and worksheets. Many of the tutorials were video-based, which made learning a lot easier. Read more »

Backup Your Files with ParetoLogic Backup

Are You Sick of External Hard Drives? Then Backup Your Files with ParetoLogic Backup

Do you have the urge to throw your external backup drive out the window because you are sick and tired of manually updating your files to it? Are you looking for an easier way to back up your files that doesn’t waste a lot of your time and money? Then you need to know about the ParetoLogic Backup program. This online backup program allows users to automatically back their files up without having to manually do it their selves. Read more »

What Should My BYOD Policy Cover

What Should My BYOD Policy Cover?

You’ve heard other business owners talk about their successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. You’ve heard the stories; employees are happier, productivity is up and IT is saving money. It sounds like a dream come true, and you’ve been considering it for a while. You consulted with the appropriate people within your company and have decided that it is a great time to launch a BYOD policy. Making this crucial decision will dictate the direction and evolution of your business. It will all begin by drafting a new policy that will outline your unique BYOD policies and procedures. How should you draft this policy? What should it contain? Who should be involved in its creation? Read more »

Should you put your website up in the clouds

Should you put your website up in the clouds?

Web hosting has experienced some massive changes. Believe it or not, there used to only be two choices for web hosting. You could choose between a shared server, or a dedicated server. That was it. There was no happy middle ground. There were no virtual servers, and there was no talk of hosting in the cloud. Today, the cloud seems to get all the spotlight. It is a relatively new form of hosting that not everyone is familiar with. The term actually comes from early diagrams of how cloud hosting works. When these early diagrams were drawn up, all of the server resources and hardware were outlined. The physical outline that was drawn on the diagram was the shape of a cloud. The rest is history, but you might be wondering what cloud hosting is, or more importantly, how cloud hosting works. Read more »