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Advantages of Using Linux

The Linux operating system is an alternative to the major Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s an open source operating system, rather than the copyright-protected options. Linux has been around a lot longer than Windows or Mac, and there are a few key differences between them. There are millions of users for all three, but…

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How to Choose an Online Shopping Cart for Your Business

If you run an ecommerce business, then you know how multifaceted a venture it can be. You must wear many hats, and as well choose products to handle certain aspects of the business that can be automated. When it comes to choosing an online shopping cart, the possibilities can be overwhelming. It is estimated that…

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Giving the Gift of Technology: Buying for Computer Geeks

If you have a special computer geek in your life, then you know how difficult it can be to purchase that computer geek a gift. After all, it’s nearly impossible to know as much about computers and technology as a certified geek – and geeks are a picky bunch, as their expertise has made them…

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BlackBerry PlayBook

The choice of tablet is a personal one, but Blackberry users have many reasons to consider the Blackberry Playbook. I don’t like touch screens or movable parts on my phones. Tablets all have this issue for me but the PlayBook seemed to get less dirty than the others. This could be because of the smaller…

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Five Great Android Apps for Teens

The Android phones are some of the most popular phones for teenagers to carry. There’s no reason for them not to love something that’s like a tiny little computer that fits in a pocket, but all of the extra apps are really what makes the Android so popular. Those apps allow teenagers to keep up…

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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB review

The HP TouchPad is Hewlett-Packard’s latest addition to its growing family of high-end, marketable and user-friendly technology, in an environment where Androids are fast becoming the best sellers. This touchpad or tablet is fast becoming a threat to the market dominance of Apple’s iPad.

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