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Creating And Running A Service On A Server

Even though there are many server services today that any company can pay a monthly fee to use, they often cost a lot of money or are simply not good enough for what the service requires.  Most software today is designed to be used across multiple platforms, and as a result, there is more storage…

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Motion Photography For Visual Impact

One of the challenges we face as photographers is how to convey movement in a still, two-dimensional photograph, and one of the answers is to use image blur. In motion photography, achieving appropriate blur is the key to communicating a sense of movement, even producing works with an abstract art quality. However, blurring presents a…

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Understanding How Modern Internet Communication Works

Although most people have high speed Internet in their homes or on their phones today, they often do not appreciate the technology behind it.  Nowadays, people are using the Internet every single day to get the information they would have had to put more effort into locating otherwise.  With the large shift in how people…

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