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Is there water on the moon?

Ever since man began to observe the sky, he has been fascinated by the moon. In ancient times some cultures believed it was a God and up until today it is a subject in literature, arts and astronomy. But only in the recent decades we have begun to explore it at close range. In 1969…

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Google’s “Project Glass” offers vision of the future

Google has given the world a glimpse of its vision for letting people look at life through internet-tinted spectacles. It posted a brief introduction to Project Glass, including photos and a concept video, on its Google+ social network on Wednesday. “We think technology should work for you, be there when you need it and get…

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Understanding How Modern Internet Communication Works

Although most people have high speed Internet in their homes or on their phones today, they often do not appreciate the technology behind it.  Nowadays, people are using the Internet every single day to get the information they would have had to put more effort into locating otherwise.  With the large shift in how people…

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Boost your Sandy Bridge processor to 5GHz and beyond!

Intel’s latest CPU architecture, Sandy Bridge, has completely turned the overclocking scene on its head, while there are limitations on how you can overclock these new processors, the reports about the death of overcbcking with sandy Bridge are greatly exaggerated, in this guide, we’ll show you how to get the best out of you sandy…

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