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The Essential Android 3.0 Primer

To prepare for the upcoming Honeycomb-powered tablet onslaught, here’s a quick once-over on the key features and unique propositions of Google’s latest edition of the Android operating system, designed for tablets instead of smart phones.

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Advantages of Using Linux

The Linux operating system is an alternative to the major Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s an open source operating system, rather than the copyright-protected options. Linux has been around a lot longer than Windows or Mac, and there are a few key differences between them. There are millions of users for all three, but…

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Read It Later for Android

If you spend any time at all in your mobile browser, you know what a pain trying to read an article on a site not designed with mobile in mind can be. Thankfully, there’s an app called Read It Later for the Android that solves this problem and solves it so well, you’ll wonder just…

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