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Some Indie Games for Laptop Gaming

These days, low price points and impressive specs mean that there is hardly any reason to own a PC when you could own a laptop. Why take up your entire desk with a huge machine when you could have a device that fits easily into a bag and looks majorly slick? However,  one area in…

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The Essential Android 3.0 Primer

To prepare for the upcoming Honeycomb-powered tablet onslaught, here’s a quick once-over on the key features and unique propositions of Google’s latest edition of the Android operating system, designed for tablets instead of smart phones.

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Google’s “Project Glass” offers vision of the future

Google has given the world a glimpse of its vision for letting people look at life through internet-tinted spectacles. It posted a brief introduction to Project Glass, including photos and a concept video, on its Google+ social network on Wednesday. “We think technology should work for you, be there when you need it and get…

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Best Free Android Apps of 2011

Android represents one of the leading and technologically advanced smart phone operating systems. There is a sudden increase in the number of Android OS downloads in various smart phones. People prefer to have Android OS due to vast ocean of applications in its app widget. Moreover, users can download this operating system from Google without…

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Top 10 Useful Apps for Android in 2011

Android is a great invention of 21st century where people can find very useful applications. Android market is growing on daily basis and developers are creating advantageous applications for users. With elegantly beautiful smart phone and technologically advanced Android operating system, Android phone applications attain their actual exquisiteness in such Android phones only. There are…

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Revving Up Your Android Tablet for Work

Tablets are often looked upon as devices built for entertainment purposes; unsurprising since popular platforms like iOS and Android feature extensive numbers of games and multimedia-centric apps. The end result is that tablets aren’t taken seriously as productivity tools. So how does one fully utilize the assets of an Android tablet in a productive manner?…

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