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Is There A Reason You Prefer Wearing That Brand Of Watch You Are Wearing?

Having a celebrity endorse your product is one of the best advertising strategies there is. Whether they do it to earn an easy pay or they just love to opportunity to take part in promoting something they are passionate about, celebrity endorsements result in mega sales. Here is a list of gadgets that have been…

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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB review

The HP TouchPad is Hewlett-Packard’s latest addition to its growing family of high-end, marketable and user-friendly technology, in an environment where Androids are fast becoming the best sellers. This touchpad or tablet is fast becoming a threat to the market dominance of Apple’s iPad.

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HP ProBook 5330m: The Laptop with an Industrial Look

Computing technology has brought many mobile powerful computing devices. Notebook PCs (laptops) are the best examples of it. If you are looking for buying a notebook then you may get confused because of number of netbook availabilities in the market. There are many leading laptops brand such as Acer, HP, Sony Vaio and Apple. HP…

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HP TouchPad versus Acer Iconia Tab A501

HP and Acer, as we all know are two famous computing conglomerates that have aced the field with their powerful and elegant notebook computers, and in a few cases, with their desktops too. Recently, these two companies have entered the arena of tablet PCs and their respective inventions in this turf are the TouchPad and…

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HP TouchSmart 610Q 1065QD

Recently, all computing majors have fallen in love with the concept of an all-in-one PC. What these computers are designed like is that every aspect of computing is built into one solid monitor like box which serves as arguably the only interface between the human and the computer. First in line to try releasing such…

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HP Veer 4G: The basic smartphone with a difference

Many new brands are coming in the smartphones manufacturing field because everyone knows that smartphones have a bright future. HP and Dell are the famous computer products brands but now they have entered in the field of smartphones. Recently, HP has launched its smartphone called the HP Veer 4G. This phone has directly affected the…

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