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The IT Department Has a Tougher Job Thanks to Technology

IT administrators are facing a constantly growing challenge. The larger a business or corporation is, the larger this challenge is for everyone that works in the IT department. This challenge has to deal with technology directly. Employees are now using their own mobile devices for work purposes. At first, this sounds like a great idea,…

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How to optimize RAM usage

Undoubtedly, the RAM play a vital role in every basic computer operation, because it handles the various processes carried out by the processor, giving fluidity to the tasks that you are developing or accessing. If the RAM is insufficient or poorly tuned, the processes start to become slower or abort directly. Logically, the best solution…

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The Essential Android 3.0 Primer

To prepare for the upcoming Honeycomb-powered tablet onslaught, here’s a quick once-over on the key features and unique propositions of Google’s latest edition of the Android operating system, designed for tablets instead of smart phones.

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Creating And Running A Service On A Server

Even though there are many server services today that any company can pay a monthly fee to use, they often cost a lot of money or are simply not good enough for what the service requires.  Most software today is designed to be used across multiple platforms, and as a result, there is more storage…

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Archos 10.1 Internet tablet

The Android Archos 10.1 boasts a 10.1 diagonal screen that encompasses a slim yet could support a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. With the wide the large screen, Archos 10.1 is capable of supporting multiple touch screen functions. With an Adroid 2.2Froyo as an operating system, the table is enclosed with a trendy…

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Advantages of Using Linux

The Linux operating system is an alternative to the major Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s an open source operating system, rather than the copyright-protected options. Linux has been around a lot longer than Windows or Mac, and there are a few key differences between them. There are millions of users for all three, but…

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