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Some Indie Games for Laptop Gaming

These days, low price points and impressive specs mean that there is hardly any reason to own a PC when you could own a laptop. Why take up your entire desk with a huge machine when you could have a device that fits easily into a bag and looks majorly slick? However, ¬†one area in…

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Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition

Recently, Motorola has announced two superior tablet PCs, i.e. Motorola XOOM 2 and Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition. Both tablet PCs has got cool features and latest hardware configuration and also these tablets are going to affect the sales of other tablet PCs. If we talk about the Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition, it is…

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Panasonic Toughpad A1

In the present market of tablet PCs, a wide range of tablet PCs are available. Few of them are superior, few of them are standard and few of them are basic tablet PC. Now, Panasonic is going to bring one new category, called the tough tablet PC. This tablet PC is Panasonic Toughpad A1. It…

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Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Drive

Data restoring, backup and safeguarding of data is really crucial sometimes. Due to virus attacks, device memory corruption or due to other reasons we are unable to restore or back the very vital files or data. To overcome from these types of conditions, there exist many alternatives. One of the best alternatives of data recovery…

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Viewsonic VPad

Tablet PCs are now starting to dominate the gadget scene. The users are on the verge of discussing, comparing and even showing off the latest tablets that they have while the manufacturers are even more determined to give their product a name with their tight jaws and clenched fists. Have a look on this new…

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Amazon Kindle Fire

In the market of smartphones and tablet pc, a stiff competition is going in-between the leading manufacturing brands of smart gadgets such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and many more. All brands are trying to bring something new in best prices. Recently, Amazon has announced to launch a tablet PC, which is the Amazon Kindle Fire….

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