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Motion Photography For Visual Impact

One of the challenges we face as photographers is how to convey movement in a still, two-dimensional photograph, and one of the answers is to use image blur. In motion photography, achieving appropriate blur is the key to communicating a sense of movement, even producing works with an abstract art quality. However, blurring presents a…

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Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 specifications and review

Kodak’s EasyShare Max Z990 has some promising specs; 12 MP CMOS sensor, Schneider Kreuznach 3Dx optical zoom, manual control and 3-inch display. The well-constructed body of the EasyShare has been designed to look like a DSLR. Done in traditional black, it is big though not bulky. Most of the controls including zoom, modes, video capture,…

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Panasonic S3

First timers can look forward to a stylish camera from Panasonic. Adding to the already populated sub $200 cameras, the Panasonic S3 is a force to reckon with. Panasonic has made it well. The upper crust is sturdy even if the keys at the back look a bit crass in front of the superior glassy…

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Helping first time users get more out of their Sony digital SLR

Now that you are the proud owner of the new Sony A55 digital SLR, what’s next? The A55 features a new 16.2-megapixel sensor, and being one of the first to come with Sony’s translucent mirror technology, houses a plethora of easy-to-use modes and features that can make your photographic journey a more enjoyable and spontaneous…

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Canon Powershot A3300

Digital cameras are become the basic need as cell phones, as the sales of digital cameras has increased gradually in last year. There are many leading brands of digital cameras such as Sony, Conon and Nikon. Just few days before, Canon has launched its digital camera, which is the Canon Powershot A3300. This camera has…

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