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You shoud get WordPress hosting

If you decide to have your own blog, you should go with WordPress hosting. Yes this will cost you a little bit of money but it is worth it. Hosting your own blog is exactly what a serious blogger should be doing. You want to make sure you find a good company to host your…

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Google’s “Project Glass” offers vision of the future

Google has given the world a glimpse of its vision for letting people look at life through internet-tinted spectacles. It posted a brief introduction to Project Glass, including photos and a concept video, on its Google+ social network on Wednesday. “We think technology should work for you, be there when you need it and get…

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Top 10 Useful Apps for Android in 2011

Android is a great invention of 21st century where people can find very useful applications. Android market is growing on daily basis and developers are creating advantageous applications for users. With elegantly beautiful smart phone and technologically advanced Android operating system, Android phone applications attain their actual exquisiteness in such Android phones only. There are…

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Essential browser extensions for Google Chrome

Chance upon an interesting website, and would like to save, analyze, or share the information somewhere? What if you are caught up in a fix and would like to savor an article comprehensively when you have the time all from the comfort of your mobile phone or tablet? Don’t fret — browsers these days come…

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Getting your blog out there and make it a success

Blogs are both fun to read and fun to write, but there is no point in writing posts, if no one is reading it. A blog is meant to be read by others and commented on. It builds a quality interaction between both the blogger and reader. Once you create a blog and made some…

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